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Old Coot Drives Into A Pool At Full Speed

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe you just shouldn’t be driving because you’re too old or whatever?

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Free Climbing Is Insane

This made my balls retreat so far into my body, that at one point I was rocking three adam’s apples.

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Quantum Levitation Is My New Favorite Thing

Why are people even looking at the other booths in the background? I would be stuck at that booth all day until it got all creepy-like and they would have to kick me out.

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Let’s All Watch This $2.5 Million Dollar Yacht Sink

If I was the guy who owned that boat (I wish), and I noticed that it was being lowered on to the water with just some wooden logs (very classy by the way) and at an extreme angle, I would … Continue reading

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Madison Gray’s ‘Girl Swag’ Music Video Is Competing Against Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’; Close Race

Oh, Internet. We had a few fights last night, but we made up. And it was all good (aww yeah!) Then you had to pull this crap on me? On a MONDAY? I’ve been there for you every time you … Continue reading

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No Doing What Now?

OK, wait, refresh my memory… Choking the chicken… spanking the monkey… and… hammering the meat? Whacking the steak? Nailing the beef!? Mauling the meat?? Beating the meat!! I think I got it! So ‘no not-masturbating, and for twelve hours’? That’s … Continue reading

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U Look Sexy

Thanks, dad.

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‘Boot leg’ Fireworks Gone Right

The youtube video description says ‘gone wrong’ but I think it’s as right as fireworks can get and the reaction from the guy is perfect.

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This Is Your ‘Performance Art’ — Humping Rolling Platforms And Dancing Mechanical Women

This is not the end of the world, but you can see it from here. NSFW (boobs). I was taking this seriously as an experimental movement piece or whatever until a man with a giant stick in his mouth started … Continue reading

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Hammered Dwarf Sings ‘Cutie Patootie’ on ‘The Talk’

Where do they find these guests?? Nothing like being disgusted by insane mothersĀ  subjecting their own children to this kind of thing. How old is she, like 4? Anyway, I’m sure we could argue all day about this topic, but … Continue reading

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