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Kevin Durant Is Bored; Decides To Play Flag Football With Random People

Hey guys, just want to apologize for not updating the site yesterday; it looks like things might be a tad slow for the next while since things got a lot more busy here. I’ll do my best though! Love you. … Continue reading

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The Struggles Of The Crabwalker

This is the epic tale of the crabwalker. It takes us on a journey through his struggles to understand other people and comes to a climax in which he must overcome and understand himself.

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Free Climbing Is Insane

This made my balls retreat so far into my body, that at one point I was rocking three adam’s apples.

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Stephen Colbert Visits A Conservative Messaging Guru

In your face, Frank Luntz.

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New Candidate For #1 Dog: Dog Vs. Cat: Slapfest Edition

I’m not too sure what this dog is trying to accomplish, but he definitely got off WAY too easy. One of the many differences between cats and dogs is that when a dog swats you in the face like that, … Continue reading

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This Week In Horrible Cinema

Hey guys, I am going to start a weekly feature on horrible scenes (or trailers) in horrible films; some of the movies might be well known, others no so much. I am guessing Birdemic is in the latter: Animated bird … Continue reading

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How Will Cats Treak Or Treat On Halloween?

This is how!

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