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‘Fear Factor’ Is Back, And Their New Trailer Is Ridiculous

It’s baaaaaaack! And so is the sack of meat that is Joe Rogan! ┬áSeriously, the insurance for the show and waivers the contestants must sign must be a mile long. Check the trailer out here.

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Misfits Season 3 Promo!

I thought I was done for the weekend, but oh man, I have waited quite some time for the 3rd season of this awesome show. If you haven’t already, check out my review on the series about why everyone should … Continue reading

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Red Band Teaser Trailer For ‘American Reunion’

I was going to save this for This Week In Movie Trailers! but hey, why not post it now? The gang’s back! And they have a teaser! So you know what that means: MASTURBATION AND BANGING YOUR DONK ON STUFF! … Continue reading

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2 Teaser! Big Reveals!

Just kidding! It reveals nothing! Except that apparently the night and dark are full of terrors, so LOOK OUT, guys! Anyway, I hate how we have to wait so long between seasons of TERRIFIC shows. HURRY UP NEXT SPRING.

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R.I.P. Andy ‘Spartacus’ Whitfield

Well, what a way to start off the week on a comedy website with this tragic news. Andy Whitfield, former star of the Starz network hit TV series Spartacus: Blood And Sand, died this morning in Sydney, Australia at the … Continue reading

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Anyone see the VMAs? Was is it good? Did lady gaga dress up like a man?! Anyhoo, this trailer. WOAA! LOOK AT THIS! SHE’S SHOOTING ARROWS AT SPINNING COMPUTER GRAPHICS! Ok I really know nothing about this upcoming movie based … Continue reading

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BONUS Trailer! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Hahahah oh man this looks hilarious. Two Nick Cage trailers in ONE day! The gods are smiling upon us! I’m torn, though, because Idris Elba (The Wire, Luther, The Office) is in this. He’s probably my favorite actor and he’s … Continue reading

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Mad Men Season 5 Teaser Trailer

Here you go! I watched the first episode awhile ago and it was really good! I am not sure why I haven’t gone back to it since. Should I? Subscribe to the Danger Joe RSS Feed For more articles, visit … Continue reading

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