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A Six Minute Preview of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Will Be Shown Before ‘Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol’

It’s even Halloween themed because bats are Halloweeny! Right? Ok, yeah, that was a stretch. Anyway, apparently there will be a preview for the new Batman film before the new Mission: Impossible film. Before you get your nerd boners on, … Continue reading

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Want To See Anne Hathaway Kick A Dude’s Ass While Eating An Apple On The Set Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

I know you do!

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Anyone see the VMAs? Was is it good? Did lady gaga dress up like a man?! Anyhoo, this trailer. WOAA! LOOK AT THIS! SHE’S SHOOTING ARROWS AT SPINNING COMPUTER GRAPHICS! Ok I really know nothing about this upcoming movie based … Continue reading

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Bane Addresses Gotham With His Totally Normal Voice [The Dark Knight Rises Filming]

I knew that this iteration of Bane would be a unique take on the character, but I was not expecting his voice to be so … wacky? He kinda sounds like an insane inn keeper from a remote Romanian town; … Continue reading

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