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The Chicken Navigator

Hey guys, have a great weekend! And remember, if you ever get lost, just ask yourself what would Chicken Navigator do.

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You See It Coming, But It’s Still Hilarious

Don’t get me wrong, if a friend did this to me, there wouldn’t be much left of him after I got a hold of him and I would DEFINITELY unfriend him from Facebook (no joke!). Regardless, I enjoyed this very … Continue reading

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GIF Of The Day AND Candidate For #1 Dog: Don’t Send Mail To This House

This is why paper mail is becoming extinct. Thanks alot, dog … Ahh hell with it, you’re still in contention for #1 Dog.

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Let’s All Watch This $2.5 Million Dollar Yacht Sink

If I was the guy who owned that boat (I wish), and I noticed that it was being lowered on to the water with just some wooden logs (very classy by the way) and at an extreme angle, I would … Continue reading

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So, Samuel L. Jackson Joined Twitter The Other Day, And This Was His First Tweet

You can say whatever the f**k you want, Samuel.

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Red Band Teaser Trailer For ‘American Reunion’

I was going to save this for This Week In Movie Trailers! but hey, why not post it now? The gang’s back! And they have a teaser! So you know what that means: MASTURBATION AND BANGING YOUR DONK ON STUFF! … Continue reading

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The Thing: The Musical

From the people that brought you Conan the Barbarian: The Musical and Predator: The Musical, comes this new masterpiece:

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This Is Just Great: Snoop Dogg Brings A Welsh Farmer Backstage To Get Tips On How To Grow His ‘Vegetables’

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like Snoop Dogg; even those who don’t like rap music (eg. me) think he’s great. He’s just way too chill, easy going, and hilarious to dislike. Here’s another reason why he … Continue reading

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