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Here’s Another Ridiculous Commercial! Kia? SOUL Hamsters? DANCING ROBOT WARS?

After watching this crazy commercial, I just had to watch a video with the amazing title Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial [HD]: Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO- MTV VMA’s. YES, PLEASE and also hahahaha, what? Who wouldn’t want to experience a … Continue reading

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GIF Of The Day: Keep Pushing, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino …

… Because eventually you will take enough steroids to push that wall to where ever you want it to go. UPDATE: This GIF is giving me a headache and I don’t want to make the readers suffer, so I will … Continue reading

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Guy Goes Through With An Online Dare, Gets What He Had Coming To Him

Hey guys. It’s Sunday night! And I am posting! I just got back from a loooong weekend in another city, had a beer (Anyone ever try SAPPORO? It’s not too bad!), and I felt like posting something. So here we … Continue reading

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Dog Vs. Hedgehog

Well, that’s it for me, guys. Have a wonderful weekend and PLEASE board your windows, lock your doors, hide your daughters and wives, ’cause we got a hurricane a comin’! I’ll leave you with this video: Dogs are 0-2 in … Continue reading

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Stand off of the Century: DOG VS. CAT

Ohhh man, it’s a battle of the ages! The biggest rivalry in domesticated animal history comes down to THIS: A rather large cat up against some wimpy looking dog in a stare down so fierce, it makes UFC matches look … Continue reading

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