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This Video Proves That We All Shouldn’t Drive So Cautiously

I’ve always tried to find a good argument for driving fast. I will now show this video to everyone who disagrees with me. Thanks, Internet!

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So Doc Brown Is The New Spokesperson For The Argentinian Electronics Store, Garbarino

Hey, guys. Welcome back to earth! Let’s get back on track here despite the crappy news I posted first thing this morning. So, how was the weekend? Was it good? Where did you go? What did you do? That was … Continue reading

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Great, Scott! Dr. Emmett Brown Travels To 2011! But What Is This Even For?

Well, this is cool, right? I’ve been trying to think of how to phrase the question on my mind from watching this.  Is this promoting some new gadget? A new SODA FLAVOR?? What is even the context of this video? Now … Continue reading

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Another Long Drawn-Out Commercial: Jealous Kung Fu Baby Wants His Mom Shaving Commercial

It’s funny to see how far companies will go for advertising, especially when it really has nothing to do with the product. I GUESS this is a commercial about shaving blades and/or shaving cream? Though I think it really has … Continue reading

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