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Stephen Colbert Visits A Conservative Messaging Guru

In your face, Frank Luntz.

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‘Misfits’ Vegas Baby! (Season 3 Prelude)

Lots of Misfits news lately! I had a friend find this and upload it for me (Thanks man!), so here’s the Series 3 prelude as to what happens to one of the main characters after season 2. Don’t watch this … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart ‘No Disrespect’ Supercut

I think he does that voice and doesn’t even know it half the time now. IT’S STILL FUNNY THOUGH!

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Oh Hey, Jonathan Taylor Thomas! There You Are! It’s Been A While!

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from that guy and EW.com had a chance to chat with JTT during a Home Improvement reunion of some sorts. He doesn’t say much and seems like a pretty boring dude, but I … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen Roasters Announced. This Is Still Relevant?

I completely forgot about Charlie Sheen and his upcoming Comedy Roast, so when I read the headline of his ‘roasters’, I said to myself “Oh… Right… that thing he did last year. Was it last year when he went nuts? … Continue reading

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Recommend Me! Anything Louis C.K.

Woa well this certainly is a Monday Morning! And by Monday morning, I mean any morning without coffee yet. Anyway! Louis C. K.! He is probably the funniest man on this planet nowadays–especially with dark comedy–and you should definitely check … Continue reading

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