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TWO More Candidates For #1 Dog

Woa, TWO more candidates! That brings us to THREE in one day! How often does THAT happen? They’re also animated GIFs, so soak it up while you can, guys! This dog seems happy with his owner’s choice to strap a … Continue reading

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Check Out This New (Hilarious) First Look At ‘The Avengers’

Hahaaha, who the heck is the head of the layout and design department at Entertainment Weekly? ME? I mean, look at this thing: At the top we have Iron Man with this weird, hilarious I-just-farted look on his face, Scarlett … Continue reading

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U Look Sexy

Thanks, dad.

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Candidate For #1 Dog: Pug Face Worth A Million Dollars

Wow! Another candidate so soon! I just could not let this one go. I love pugs in a so-ugly-and-funny-looking-they-are-awesome kinda way and they also make hilarious noises. I even once knew an obese pug named ‘Mr. Peanut’. Anyway, everyone should … Continue reading

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New Candidate for #1 Dog

It has been awhile since I’ve found a new candidate for #1 dog here at Danger Joe, but to be fair, it has been slim pickings over the past few months. That being said, I found not one, but SEVERAL … Continue reading

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That’s Not How You Ride A Bike

Because I won’t be around tomorrow, have a good weekend, guys! And please take it easy–unlike this guy who just had to ride a bike the hard way. Stay classy! SORRY SIR, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT.

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Bald Baby Penguin Rejected By His Parents

I really don’t know how to describe this picture or this story other than using the internet term ‘sad face’ a million times. Animal parents are being dicks lately.

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Best Buy Flyer From 15 Years Ago

Well this brings me back a few years. Anyone remember begging their parents to buy this over-priced crap? Also, anyone else notice the small section set aside for The Macarena? [Source: SA Forums]

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We Have Got To A Point Where Seeing Johnny Depp Dressed Like This In A Burton Movie Is An Every Day Thing

So, here’s a picture of Johnny Depp in another Tim Burton movie dressed up in flamboyant make up and clothing again (as a gay Joker).  I think it’s now considered weird if he doesn’t dress this way in a Burton … Continue reading

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Look At This Chicken Taking Off

Let’s all aspire to great heights like this chicken! Have a great weekend, guys! Subscribe to the Danger Joe RSS Feed Click here for more images, videos, and articles on Danger Joe!

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