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‘Saints Row: The Third’ Looks Ridiculous

And when I say ridiculous, I mean amazing. I know I don’t post many things about games on Danger Joe, but I just could not pass this up. Fart bombs and purple dildo swords; you name it, it has it.

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This Is What It Is Like To Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I’ve played through this game in its entirety and yes, it IS really like the following video. Out of context, with the music, and the hilarity that happens near the end of the video, you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Super Mario Using A Portal Gun

Super Mario Bros, but with a Portal gun? Cool? This is an actual game someone is making for some reason. It is very neat, though, and much better than a video about a super-nerd complaining about girls who aren’t attracted … Continue reading

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Grief This! #4

Time for some Team Fortress 2 griefing! Trivia Griefing This probably is one of my favorite griefing videos because of how innovative it is.  My favorite part starts at 6:00. Highlights “No, no, no n-no gay sex sprays!” “You cannot … Continue reading

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These Half Life / Portal Independent Short Films Are Very Good

I would just like to say that this is proof that you don’t need 200 million dollars to make a good film with good special effects. These are great! Portal: No Escape Escape From City 17 Part 1 Escape From … Continue reading

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Grief This! #3

I’m not a griefer, but I do find griefing videos very amusing! They’re kinda like a social experiment on … ragehol? What terrible stuff that is! Anyway, like I said in my first Grief This! post, if you’re not having … Continue reading

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