This Week In Movie Trailers! (The Not-So-Many-To-Choose-From Edition)

Woa, slow week for movies!

You know how sometimes there are actually too many trailers released during the week? It can get kind of annoying. I love a sack full of trailers as much as the next guy, but at a certain point you’re like, “enough with all the trailers!” But then, some weeks there aren’t enough!  Like this one! Oh well, that’s just the way life goes, I guess.

A Warrior’s Heart

Nooooooooooooo comment!

Beauty And The Beast 3D

Whhaaaaat. Hahaha. Is it better in 3D? Is it? I remember seeing this movie with my sisters and I kept wondering why I wasn’t watching Terminator 2 with my crazy friend who had 10 potato guns. I wonder if he ever got that hip replacement.

The Woman In Black (Trailer #2)

I talked about this last month I think, and said it looked really good and that I would most likely see it. My opinion has not changed! When’s lunch, anyway?

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