This Week In Movie Trailers! (Brave, Gone, Snow White And The Huntsman, And More!)

Hey guys! I’m back. Tons of ‘interesting’ trailers this past week, so I thought I would stop by and make some time for another edition of This Week In Movie Trailers!


I think we all know by now that you can’t go wrong with Pixar. The only film in their repertoire that I have not seen was Cars  because I have a fear of anthropomorphic, talking motor vehicles. Their mouths are so big! Anyway, this movie looks very Pixary so me go watch movie.


I like Amanda Seyfried. I also think she’s very attractive despite her eyes being too far apart. But, I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t think it’s cool or interesting and it does not fill me with excitement. Next trailer, please.

Hunger Games

Sooo this is what the whole fuss is about. I don’t know. I mean, know the novels are beloved or whatever, but I’m not sure if this movie is for me. It could be great, though! I never thought I would like Harry Potter, never reading the books, but it ended up being one of my favourite movie franchises of the past 20 years. So, maybe I can give it a chance? Will wait for reviews. Next!

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Hahahah Oh man.  I think I’ve seen better special effects on my grandmother’s quilts. I did saw the first Journey film, and it wasn’t BAD or anything, but this looks like a horrible direct to DVD or SyFy TV movie.  Michael Caine, what are you doing here?

Snow White and The Huntsman

Just what we all need: an edgy take on the Snow White fairy tale! Alright, Kristin Stewart, let’s find out if you can smile!

Mirror, Mirror

This time, clown actress and American sweetheart, Julia Roberts stars!  Ok on a serious note, this movie looks really bad and choppy and like a weird Tim Burton rip-off with horrible dialogue.

“SNOW WAY!” hahaha.

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