This Week In Movie Trailers! (Piranha 2, Sherlock Holmes 2, The Devil Within, Chronicle, Shame, And More!)

Piranha 2: 3DD

Haaahahahaha, this is exactly what I needed first thing in the morning! I can’t believe how hard I laughed watching this. I mean, I saw the first one and it was so stupid that it was ¬†entertaining. This sequel reaches a whole new level:

  • David Hasselhoff
  • Super fake, 4943DDDDD breasts (that’s an actual size, right?)
  • “Bring me my leg.” (which is A SHOT GUN)


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The previous trailer that was released for the film was very confusing and jumbled and said nothing about the plot. This new one, however, is really good! And looks really fun! I will be watching this.

The Devil Within

That certainly was scary. As you know, I’m a sucker for those ‘found footage’ or ‘documentary style’ horror films, so I will definitely be checking this out and I will be bringing a fresh pair of underwear with me.

A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas

I just wanted to post the Red Band version of this older trailer that was just released because: Hahahahah, what the hell is going on here?


Another Faux-documentary film!

It certainly looks very interesting. I wasn’t impressed at first (douchebags with superpowers), but then it got really good and creepy. I definitely will be checking this out.


Missed this last week, so I thought I would post it because it looks intriguing. Here’s a nice, brief overview:

“explicit portrayals of male and female full-frontal nudity, graphic depictions of straight/gay/threeway sex, masturbation, urination, and more.”

Hot tamale! I’m sold!

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