This Week In Movie Trailers! (Intruders, TinTin, And More!)

Here’s another early edition of This Week In Movie Trailers since I will be away tomorrow for a wedding. Speaking of which, I love weddings, especially when I am the one NOT getting married! (I’m not against marriage, it’s just super less stressful at weddings when you’re not the bride or the groom) How’s that for a good segue!


Paul Goodman Changed My Life

If it wasn’t for the slim pickings of movie trailers this this week, I doubt I would have had this in the list. Anyway, this documentary seems … interesting? I’m not sure! He seems like a very intriguing man and it would be neat to find out what he’s all about; though I highly doubt it will make it to my theatres. I may check it out when it’s available for rent.


This looks good! I’m not a fan of slasher horror flicks but I really enjoy the supernatural/thriller types.  I also like Clive Owen and he’s usually great in all of his roles. I could be way off about this movie, but I am going to find out.

Answers to Nothing

I’m sure this movie is meant for a lot of people, but I don’t think I’ll be checking out. The love the cast (except for Dane Cook, the most overrated comedian on this planet), but this movie seems to much of a mess for me.

The Adventures of TinTin

I know the first trailer has been out for awhile, but this new one that was just released makes this movie look really fun. I grew up reading TinTin and watching the cartoon, so it’s really neat to see this character arrive to the big screen. I will be checking this out for sure.

My Week With Marilyn

Great cast, interesting source material, and it looks like a good movie. If this comes my way, and the reviews are good, I might check it out!

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