No Bath For This Puppy, Not On His Watch

I admire you, Husky Puppy. You do not want to do something that you don’t understand and you let your master know this. I mean, who WANTS to be plunged into what we perceive as a cold, lonely abyss? Name me one person! And if you do … uhh … give me three more names! I bet you can’t! Anyway, Husky Puppy, keep up with your loud boycott against your master’s unlawful will for you to bathe.  And if you have to submit in the end, do NOT let this break you. You WILL get dry and you WILL be able to munch on that sofa when your master is away. We salute you! And also are sorry that you were named “Aurora”!

As reward for your bravery, I have entered you in the #1 Dog tournament. See you soon, Husky Puppy.

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