Report: ‘Arrested Development’ Fourth Season In The Works

Well, it looks like I might have to dust off the Arrested Development DVDs if this is actually the case (Or I’ll do it anyway because AD always deserves another watch).

Series creator Mitch Hurtwiz announced Sunday at The New Yorker Festival that he wants to bring Arrested back to television for a brief mini-season prior to the show hitting the big screen.  [Source TVLine]

Jason Bateman also  tweeted “It’s true.”

Anyway, just when you thought people were starting to accept that Arrested Development was gone forever and people were FINALLY beginning to stop complaining about how it was ended too early (it was, but come on) we get this.  Which is great news for this great series! But it better be true, or else we will get another half dozen or so years or of TV elitists bitching and complaining about it again. Look at me; complaining about complainers! I’m such a bad person.

Hope y’all guys had a great weekend!

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