This Week In Movie Trailers! (J. Edgar, Goon, The Grey, And More!)

This Week In Movie Trailers! is a day early because I am going to be away tomorrow and Saturday attending a bachelor party in another city and I didn’t want to miss out on discussing these beauties! Anyway, enjoy!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A remake of a film that’s only a few years old always bugs me, especially with the recent lack of originality from Hollywood these past several years. However! I DID really enjoy the original and I DO like David Fincher and to an extent, Daniel Craig. I’ll probably check this out; I’m always up for a weird time at the theatres, which this film will most likely deliver.

 J. Edgar

Well, here we go again: Another Oscar worthy film by Clint Eastwood and another Oscar worthy performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t even have to watch the film to know this because it just seems like they now only choose those types of films.  Man, it sounds like I am complaining doesn’t it? I’m not, really! But why can’t you choose a stupid role for once, Leo! Come, on! Mix it up!

Anyway, this will most likely be a great, compelling movie and I’ll probably see it. INCOMING, MOVIE THEATRES. HERE I COME!  Oh and ha, ha, good job on old man Leo, make-up department!

Justice (Had trouble embedding this, sorry guys!)

A typical Nicholas Cage movie with typical Nicolas Cage hair. That’s about it.


OK, first off, let me just say that I am Canadian. And being Canadian, I have had the whole hockey-is-the-only-sport shoved down my throat for many, many years. I’ve played it on and off throughout the majority of my life and I am decent enough at it. But I resent it and I resent crazy Canadian fans that think Hockey is the greatest sport known to man. As a result, I developed a love for ‘non-Canadian’ sports like baseball and rugby and enjoy playing those WAY more. Anyway! That being said, this movie is not for me. Could be good? Maybe! But I probably won’t see it. NEXT!

 The Grey

Liam Neeson fighting wolves with broken glass knuckles in the snowy wilderness? Hell yeah! SOLD.

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