Lion King 3-D At The Top Of The Box Office

HAKUNA MATATA!!!!! Well, I must say that it’s pretty surprising to read that.  Actually, wait, no it’s not. Some of you are probably thinking “Hey! It’s my favorite animated movie of all time and it’s back making dollars!! Good for it! 3D!” But at the same time, it just gives film production companies another excuse to avoid focusing on original and compelling ideas. All they have to do re-release a 17 year old cartoon movie with the ‘3D’ in the title and there’s another 30 million in their pockets during a single weekend! It’s basically free money for them (Or at LEAST 90% off!).

Nostalgia and familiarity seem to be an easy way out in film industry and I don’t really blame them because it certainly is a very profitable way to do business. But at the same time, shouldn’t the industry pride itself in inventing new ways of telling stories to captivate the audience that are making them rich? I guess that might be asking too much.  I’m also torn when I say all of this because I mean, of course you can go to the theatres and watch whatever you want. Oh well.

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