This Week In Movie Trailers! (The Raid, We Bought a Zoo, Twilight Reaction, And More!)

Happy Friday, folks! Let’s-a-goooo!

Premium Rush

“Want THIS piece of paper? GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST *crazy back flip 180 twist mcflip* CARS ARE FOR SUCKERS! LATER!”

Well, I’m not sure how I feel about this trailer. The plot of this movie has been done many times before; though, this is the first time with bicycles I guess?  It looks kind of corny and unrealistic in parts, but it could be fun and it DOES look EXTREME … and it DOES have Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe I’ll give it a chance.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Oh hey, the Slumdog Millionaire started his own Hotel Chain his winnings!

Hmm, this movie definitely isn’t for me, but it looks OK? My grandparents would definitely like it. Maybe I will?

Sarah Palin: You Betcha

Ugh, gross, more money in that ignorant, pseudo-celebrity-politician’s pocket. I don’t care if this film is mostly bashing her; it just gives that media-whore even more exposure. I wish people would stop doing this so she would just go away.

We Bought A Zoo

The other day, I read  ‘Matt Damon Buys a Zoo’ in my RSS feed and I was like “Ok, celebrities buy and also do stupid, weird things all the time just to satisfy their own egos and to show that they are way different than us normal people” but then I discovered that it was a trailer for a movie. Silly me. I’m not really sure what the point or plot of this movie is.  Also, is this REALLY a zoo? Do those animals roam around freely? Where them fences at? Is everything make-believe??  Anyway, I have no idea if this movie will be horrible or … well I don’t know what else it could be. I guess, maybe good? Don’t know! Let’s find out! (probably not)

The Raid

Will he reach the top?!

Nothing much to say about this one other than YES, PLEASE! This looks incredibly fun.


Is this a typical Jason Statham movie (who’s also wearing a hat; looking good, buddy!) where he’s not the main character? Crazy! Well, this film could be pretty good I guess, though the trailer doesn’t explain why they are playing a huge game of Russian Roulette. Also, why would it be a bad thing to bid on number 13? Isn’t it all just random? Or is there some secret skill in spinning the gun’s cylinder? I might stick around Earth to find out!

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (Fan Reaction)

Already posted the REAL trailer, so I thought this should take its place in the list. If you can get through more than 30 seconds without wanting to impale your eardrums and gouge your eyes out, you lasted 29.9 more seconds than I did. Warning, don’t watch this.

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