End Of Day Links! (All Simpsons channel, Scarlett Johansson ginger baby seal, Charlie Sheen wants a cameo, Source Code TV series, and more!)

Haven’t done this in awhile, but here are some links!

Source Code TV series in the Works – Great movie and an even greater idea for a TV series.

Fox considering and all-Simposons Channel – Uhh isn’t it on three dozen times a day on three dozen different networks already?

Charlie Sheen says he’d guest star On ‘Two and Half Men’ – ‘There’s your closer. I’ll be in the final episode.’ Haha, oh Charlie, still full of yourself.

Baby Seal shunned by his colony – Gingers get outted even in the animal kingdom. Warning, sad face story.

Some actors still use AOL email – Paul Rudd: “it’s so cool it’s uncool.” OK! Good reason!

Unforgivable spelling mistakes on signs – ‘Watch your hade’!

Taiwanese CGI News discusses Scarlett Johansson – In light of her recent internet ‘exposure’, I am not surprised.

Looks like Thor and Loki had a peek at her leaked pictures as well.

Have a great weekend, guys!

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