Here’s A Bunch Of Funny Videos That Are 30 Seconds Or Less

I thought making a post about several short videos (most of them oldies) would be a good idea. Or a bad idea. YOU DECIDE. Regardless, let’s reminisce!

Let’s start it off with THIS:


They’re basically the same as the people in the movie, only they get asthma attacks even inside the matrix.


Brett Favre had it coming.


We miss your facial expressions, George Michael


Shaq being Shaq.


Best delivery of a single word in the history of film. Remember when Adam Sandler movies were good?


What’s the hardest part about being you? Stay tuned!


I stuck with it just a little longer than him.


He knows something.


Brings me back to my car rides with my great grand father (seriously); reenacted with 3D Movie Maker.


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