These Two Things Happened On Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Season Finale: Leon’s Thoughts On Parkinsons And The Effeminate Kid

On Sunday evening, the 8th season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm aired and as usual, there were a few scenes that had me laughing very loudly.

Oh, Leon, you did it once again; you are quite often the best part of this show.

This kid is your new favorite kid. Really, he is. Don’t deny it.

Like last season, Larry David won’t tell us (or doesn’t know) if this is the last time we will see Curb Your Enthusiasm. I actually thought last year was a very appropriate way to end the series, since it was all about the very thing that made him rich and famous, Seinfeld. Fortunately, though, he had more stories to tell. He’s also one of those guys that won’t film a season unless he feels like it; he has the dollars. I certainly hope we see more Curb, but we probably won’t find out for several months. COME ON LARRY, TELL US! This just has to be part of your rules of society!

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