So Doc Brown Is The New Spokesperson For The Argentinian Electronics Store, Garbarino

Hey, guys. Welcome back to earth! Let’s get back on track here despite the crappy news I posted first thing this morning. So, how was the weekend? Was it good? Where did you go? What did you do? That was too many questions for a Monday morning; I apologize. Alright Internet, here we come.

Remember that random commercial with Doc Brown (Back To The Future) and the Delorean a few weeks ago? Well, apparently that was a commercial for an Argentinian Electronics Store called ‘Garbarino’.

So he’s the new face of that company. Alright. I feel kinda sad that he has to go back to his iconic character from 26 years ago to get work, especially when those videos aren’t really funny or innovative … but then again, maybe he just really likes that role? And also, who cares; it’s a pay check! And who doesn’t like money?

Oh, and that Nike ad campaign for Marty McFly’s shoes from the 2nd Back To The Future film? Turns out it was just a ploy and was actually for charity. BUT don’t fret! You can still buy a  pair from a limited supply at online auction for only FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

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