This Week In Movie Trailers! (The Big Year, The Retreat, The Man That Nobody Knew, Connected, and more!)

Happy Friday! And that mean it’s time for another This Week In Trailers!  This week’s trailers are a little odd, so let’s dive right into it.

The Big Year

I know this type of movie has been done to death (The Bucket List meets The Last Holiday meets Jumanji?), but this looks like it might be fun! I do like Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin and it seems they have brought their usual charm to this movie. I’ll give it a chance! Also, how many more times will we see Rashida Jones play a minor role as the rational and observant girl friend? Probably at least seven more times. Hope she gets a lead role in the near future!

The Retreat

Ohh! This looks very tense! It will probably be good and I also enjoy those actors! I don’t really have any thing more to say other than that I will most likely check it out.

The Man That Nobody Knew

Hmm, this could be interesting or it could be very boring.  The trailer doesn’t really do a good job to make this look exciting or dramatic, but maybe that’s what they wanted? Anyway, CIA! MYSTERY! I like documentaries so I will give this a chance if it makes it to my theatres. If not, it will definitely be on my to watch blu-ray list.


brb have 2 text my friend back


“It has sword fighting”, “It is elaborate” hahah thanks for that GREAT description of the film, Christoph Waltz. Well, there’s been 20 other iterations of the Musketeers legend, so why not another? HOLLYWOOD. Anyway, this looks kinda ridiculous, but it also could be entertaining. I have no idea. Will wait for reviews and see. Next!

The Collapsed

‘The Collapsed’, huh? I guess films are running out of names. Regardless, this movie looks really good and has a ton of positive quotes attached to it, which means I should definitely check it out, right? Done!

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