Here’s Another Ridiculous Commercial! Kia? SOUL Hamsters? DANCING ROBOT WARS?

After watching this crazy commercial, I just had to watch a video with the amazing title Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial [HD]: Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO- MTV VMA’s. YES, PLEASE and also hahahaha, what? Who wouldn’t want to experience a car commercial with dancing soul hamsters that spontaneously (I’m guessing here) decide end a war between two rival factions of robot armies by showing them the power of dance. Tell me who, please. I will send you a sandwich.

Woa, guys. How much money did they put into that commercial? Let’s all go buy a Kia!

Also, keep checking back to Danger Joe for more unique commercials … I’m thinking of making it a regular thing. Let me know if you see any as well!

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