New Television Shows I Will Be Checking Out This Fall (2011) and This Winter (2012)

Hi guys! Hope you all had great weekends. Mine was OK! Though I DID run into a mailbox with my face trying to escape the wrath of a skunk! Let’s just say I had a few drinks. Oh and don’t worry, the mail box is fine and the skunk is OK.

I’m also finally starting to notice the weather change; you probably are too depending on where you’re from! Though I love fall, it’s always a little sad to see the summer go, and since I work part-time at a university, there will be a massive change in population on campus VERY soon. So, when that happens, summer is pretty much over for me. Anyway, the one thing I DO really look forward to this time of year is the start of a fresh new TV season; especially checking out new series. It’s very tricky to determine how good a show will be based on trailers or the pilot episode as most don’t hit their stride until much later on; some even taking as long as their second season. And who knows, maybe I’ll even end up loving a show that is not listed belowe! That would be great!

Anyway! Here are some of the new shows I will definitely be giving a chance. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen some of these trailers, so I will watch them again and add additional comments:

Fall 2011

Terra Nova

Premieres: September 26, 2011, 8/9 PM Central, Fox

The Plot: It’s 2149 and Earth is dying (by the look of the trailers, it seems like the air is polluted with deadly gas).  Scientists have apparently figured out a way to travel back 85 million years via a very large time machine (probably a DeLorean), and the story focuses on the Shannon family as they are thrust back in time to start a new life … with DINOSAURS.

Why It Might Be Good: The scope of this show looks incredible and apparently it’s the most expensive television series ever made.  More money doesn’t mean better, but it can certainly help! Terra Nova looks like a really fun action-adventure series and there is no reason why I shouldn’t check it out, especially since I fit right into the target demographic. Also, I’ve enjoyed the lead actor’s (Jason O’Mara) previous work and this role looks like it suits him perfectly.

Why Not: It could be too ambitious for the small screen and too expensive to keep going if ratings don’t live up to the network’s high standards.

Trailer notes: Woaa why are dinosaurs always so angry? We must look like meaticles to them. I’m trying to figure out what the plot could be after they find their missing son, which will definitely be concluded by the end of the pilot.

Hell On Wheels

Premieres: November 11, 2011 (Time slot unknown), AMC

The Plot: During the time of the transcontinental railroad, the series focuses on a former confederate soldier who is determined to exact revenge on the union soldiers who murdered his wife.

Why It Might Be Good: AMC, man! This looks very intriguing and I bet there will be a lot of good performances.  It also looks pretty.

Why Not: It’s not Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Those are stupid reasons though. Check it out!

Trailer Notes: Ok yea, this looks good and I cannot wait. Though I am kinda tired of seeing Colm Meaney playing the same type of role over and over again.

Once Upon A Time

Premieres: October 23, 2011, (Time slot unknown), ABC

The Plot: A town is turned into one gigantic ball of fairy tales. OK!

Why It Might Be Good: Hey, I’ll give this a shot. That’s OK, right? I mean, the title alone should put me off a little bit, but there’s some interesting buzz with the show.

Why Not: The town that it takes place in is located in Maine. Just kidding! Maine is a nice place!

Trailer Notes: Oh, the writers from LOST? I missed that! Also, ‘no more happy endings’? That’s what she said! Hahahah! Sorry.


Premieres: October 2nf, 10/9 PM Central, Showtime

The Plot: A CIA operative has come home after being held captive for several years by Al-Qaeda. But is he still AMERICAN? Has he turned and become the ENEMY?! Ahhh?!

Why It Might Be Good:  I don’t know, but I am giving it a shot! Could be horrible, could be great depending on the dialogue and the way it is filmed.

Why Not: A lot of reasons.

Trailer Notes: Hmm. I still feel the same way about the show, but it peeks my interest a little more on the second viewing.

Person Of Interest

Premieres: September 22, 10/11 PM Central, CBS

Plot: A mysterious billionaire has developed a computer program that predicts the identity of a person connected to a serious crime that will take place in near the future.

Why It Might Be Good: Michael Emmerson and J. J. Abrams (from LOST)? Yes please.  Oh, that and it seems like a compelling thriller.

Why Not: I have read that the pilot was a bit confusing to critics during screenings a few months ago.  Though, there are a lot of dumb people out there including television critics.  It’s also an issue that can be fixed. Hopefully …

Trailer Notes: This is EXACTLY what I thought Ben (Michael Emmerson) from LOST would be doing once he’s done with the island.

Winter 2012

The River

Premieres: Some time in early 2012, ABC

The Plot: Father gets lost in the Amazon and his family sets out to find him. Crazy stuff happens.

Why It Might Be Good:  They describe it as a cross between LOST and The Blair Witch Project. While that might not sound appealing to some, it sounds good enough for me to check out!

Why Not: I guess a lot could go wrong here. If it’s not chilling or scary it really has nothing going for it.

Trailer Notes: Still pretty creepy, I guess.


Premieres: Some time in early 2012, Fox

The Plot: Lost prisoners of Alcatraz start to mysteriously show up many decades later (not having aged) and are seemingly involved in a sinister plot.

Why It Might Be Good: Well, Jorge Garcia and Sam Neill are in it! And it’s produced, once again, by J. J. Abrams! So there’s that. There’s been a good buzz around the pilot and it generally looks like an intriguingly good show with a compelling story.

Trailer Notes: Oh Jorge you big, lovable bastard!


Premieres: Some time in early 2012, NBC

The Plot: Police detective Michael Britten suffers a tragic car accident while driving with his family. After he regains consciousness, Michael moves back and forth between two realities: in one, his son survived the crash while his wife did not; in the other, his wife survived but his son did not.  Ahh! That really sucks!

Why It Might Be Good: I’d have to say that I am REALLY looking forward to this show and the buzz surrounding it is very good; many are saying it is the best new series. It has great actors, looks very compelling, and it’s a pretty original idea.

Why Not: I guess it might not be for everyone because of how complicated and emotionally draining it most certainly will be. You should still check it out though.

Trailer Notes: Ahh I got a little emotional watching that! Kidding! Or am I?

Other shows still in development with no trailers:

Touch – Kiefer Sutherland? Tim Kring? Sure!

Check out the complete 2011/2012 schedule here!

Edit: I just realized how many times I’ve mentioned LOST or compared other shows to LOST in this article. Sorry about that, but I guess that just demonstrates how much that show influenced the industry.

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3 Responses to New Television Shows I Will Be Checking Out This Fall (2011) and This Winter (2012)

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  2. rt2011 says:

    I really hope Terra Nova and Awake are broadcast over here in the UK, they both look epic.

    • dangerjoe says:

      If they don’t, I’m sure there will be other ways to access it! It sucks that TV series are restricted to their respected countries when they first air. There’s a ton of awesome UK shows that I didn’t find out about until a year after they premiered.

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