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Your End Of Week Video: South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone 60 Minutes Interview

The video isn’t 60 minutes long! It’s just the name of the show! Trust me! Anyway, have a good weekend everyone. I’m ouuuuuuuuuuuutta here!

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Idris Elba As James Bond? Yes, please!

This might be hard to believe, but Danger Joe isn’t a Idris Elba fan site (though if it was, it would probably be better than it is now); however, any news about this man, I will post. It is my … Continue reading

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R. I. P. Dance Bomb Kid

What is with girls and recording themselves dancing and lip-syncing to crappy music? Because they’re super cool? OK. Sorry. Anyway, this suave little dude tries to steal the show from his sister (and succeeds to the highest degree in my … Continue reading

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‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie To Be Rebooted

Cool! A new film based off a web series, which was based off a fake short-film, is now in development! Mortal Kombat: The Fake Short Film: The Web Series:  The Movie.

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No Doing What Now?

OK, wait, refresh my memory… Choking the chicken… spanking the monkey… and… hammering the meat? Whacking the steak? Nailing the beef!? Mauling the meat?? Beating the meat!! I think I got it! So ‘no not-masturbating, and for twelve hours’? That’s … Continue reading

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This Week In Movie Trailers! (New Year’s Eve, Human Centipede 2,Paranormal Activity 3, And More!)

New Year’s Eve This incredibly original and amazing movie title goes well with this incredibly original and amazing plot! I can tell the writers worked hard on this script, too: “ONE NIGHT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!” “AND THIS IS NOT A … Continue reading

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TWO More Candidates For #1 Dog

Woa, TWO more candidates! That brings us to THREE in one day! How often does THAT happen? They’re also animated GIFs, so soak it up while you can, guys! This dog seems happy with his owner’s choice to strap a … Continue reading

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