Snooki And Jeff Bridges Communicating Is The Oddest Thing I Have Watched This Week

I know, I know, that IS a bold statement, but man: Jeff Bridges. Snooki. Talking. Ahhh! So weird! Anyway, watch Snooki explain what “DTF” (ughhh) means to Mr. Bridges, if you want. As a mandatory warning, you are about to watch Snooki open her mouth and speak.

Also, Jeff apparently said he watches (or watched?) the show, which really meant that he saw a clip once during a commercial with The Situation fist pump dancing and punching walls while Snooki looks on crying and vomiting at the same time and he was just being polite. Then again, maybe he DOES religiously watch the show and thoroughly enjoys it! Somehow, I doubt it though.  But if he does … well … maybe I’m missing something here. Anyway! Click here for the jerseylicious clip!

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