Two AIs Chatting It Up Is The Funniest Thing

Haha, this is pretty great and also THIS is the future, guys! It’s like real life because the male AI is much more rational than the woman AI (KIDDING; just a joke to set the mood on a wonderful Tuesday!) There’s so much tension in this video that I could cut it with a tension knife! My favorite part is at the end where Mrs. bot is like “Don’t you want to have a body?” in her seeeexy voice and Mr. bot immediately responds with “Sure!” then bam, she shuts him down with a YEAH RIGHT, SEE YA LOSER! Robots sure can be dicks!

It’s also funny to see artificial intelligence play mind games with each other because, as Mr. Bot said, they ARE robots and “memory shouldn’t be a problem for them.” Anyway, this is our future and we must embrace an inevitable robot revolution.

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