Enter Nerd Being Very Offended That Someone Would DARE Judge A 33-Year Old Who Plays Magic Competitively

So, someone sent me the following video with the description “response to nerd being dumped over magic the gathering” and I was like HAHAHA, this will be good. What I saw, though, was not what I expected: It was super serious and a very thought out video! That being said, this video is still VERY hilarious and we all like hilarious things so here is the hilarity!

Hahahahha, ohhhhhhh boy!

Let me just say I have no problem with people who play Magic the Gathering and enjoy it (Hell, I am happy for them to have something they are so passionate about! We all need that in our lives!) or with people who are nerdy (I run a blog for god’s sake), or people that game (I play games!), but maaaaaaaaaaan, CHILL OUT DUDE! Stop being a douche bag about it and stop trying to “defend” nerds and gamers. They don’t need you to crusade for them. Just let it be, man. And who cares about her reasons for why she didn’t date this Magic the Gathering dude. Yeah I know, it probably hurt some feelings or whatever because she doesn’t like super-nerds and she wrote about her experience. Big whoop. There’s no reason to make a video and give an emotional sermon about the entire ordeal (he TOTALLY reminds me of this Priest at a Church I attended when I was a jr. mint). Actually, forget I said that. Nowadays, people don’t need a reason to do ANYTHING; especially on the internet. So what I said was stupid and what he did was completely normal. I guess if people do need a reason to do everything, then Youtube would not exist and nor would this website. Ohhhh, this planet, guys. Where are we going?

Now that I think about it, it’s pretty reasonable for a grown lady to not want to date a 30 some year old because he plays a fantasy card game called Magic the Gathering competitively. I mean, COME ON. Maybe it’s not what she’s looking for? Just maybe? HER CHOICE, ANYWAY! And he’s only making her grossed out by super-nerds even more (rightfully so) by responding with a video and calling her a ‘c*nt’!

Anyway, this video DOES make me laugh (A LOT), especially at the end. So in that regard, this video is great! Thanks for the laughs! Hope you get around to making your bed!

Edit: Haha woaa he’s got a lot of support on Youtube! And He MUST be in the right since the top comment uses a fantastic, not-at-all-out-of-date, internet meme:

Boogie = Winning.

Indeed, youtube commentor Ash2good99, indeed.

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