Guy Goes Through With An Online Dare, Gets What He Had Coming To Him

Hey guys. It’s Sunday night! And I am posting! I just got back from a loooong weekend in another city, had a beer (Anyone ever try SAPPORO? It’s not too bad!), and I felt like posting something. So here we are!

On to the video! So apparently some French guy agrees to a challenge proposed on his website to take on world champion Teddy Riner in his dojo without him even knowing what was going on. At first I thought this would be a video of some French guy repeatedly trying an honest match with a Judo master and getting beaten each time. But this is SO much better. Ohhh French people, you never disappoint when disappointing.

WOA that guy was huge. He was also good natured about it and that idiot guy in the hoody got off super easy. SEE YOU MONDAY.

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