Jim Carrey is in Love with Emma Stone and Wants to Make Babies With Her

Hahahahah oh man; coooooooooome on, Jim! You’re a smart guy, right? Right, Jim? You seem like it! I know you’re trying to be wacky and funny and edgy etc. etc. but how could you possibly think this was a good idea? There’s no way you could have thought this wouldn’t come across as being SUPER creepy, even if you were just joking. You are though, right? Please say you are.

Also, does any one know if there is a back story to this? Do they have some kind of history? Is she giving Jim MIXED SIGNALS? What could have possibly possessed him to make a video like this? It saddens me that I might never find out…

ALLLLLLLrighty, then! LIKE A GLOVE! La-hoo….sa-her!

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