Hey guys, did you all survive the massive earthquake that scorned our land? Are you OK? I hope so! I’m really sorry to bring you back into the traumatizing experience, but here is an intense video of a man who has to make a sudden life or death decision: Should he save his parent’s expensive crystal ware (which he most CERTAINLY will be blamed for–as he states in the video–since he was obviously responsible for the earthquake), or should he seek protection from falling debris to save his own life? What should he do??? I’m torn about this decision because crystal ware, man! Such good stuff. Again, I am so sorry to bring you back into that dark, dark time, but his story must be told.  Don’t be afraid to show emotion at the climatic ending … you DO have a heart you know!

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  1. Dan Bain says:

    Love it! But how did he have his videocamera at the ready? It also tracks him pretty smoothly at the end — like it’s on a cart. I bet this guy has a rig set up and tapes every moment of his life, just in case something happens. Good thing it did.

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