End-of-Day Links: Superman Costume Crotch Color, Steve Jobs Resigns, Bionic hands, and more!

[via Cracked] – If Educational Kid Shows were Honest? They should show this video to all children so their irrational dreams can be shattered at an early age.

[via cafemom]  – A 12 year old boy delivers his own brother? Crazy! Though I DID see a video of a baby being born when I was 12. Is that just as impressive?

[via Youtube] – A young girl who lost her hand from blood poisoning gets a bionic hand replacement; very cool! She’s way more deserving than the Skywalkers. Also, I’m posting a lot links about kids today. (nopedo)

[via ConsequenceofSound] – Joseph Gordon-Levitt covering Nirvana in Seattle? Yes please. Can’t get enough of that charming guy.

[via AICN] Here are the first set pictures that reveal Superman’s crotch AND the villainess! Superman finally figured out how to wear underwear, apparently.

[via Wallstreet Journal]  – Steve Jobs resigns! Next month, Steve Jobs will release a new, slightly smaller resignation letter. By early next year, he will be suing everyone who resigns using a smaller-than-average letter.

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