Grief This! #3

I’m not a griefer, but I do find griefing videos very amusing! They’re kinda like a social experiment on … ragehol? What terrible stuff that is! Anyway, like I said in my first Grief This! post, if you’re not having fun, you should leave! Trust me, you’re better off.

Just be good.
I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to grief people is to simply be better than them. It’s astonishing to see how personal people take it when you out play them, and as a result it makes the outcome often hilarious.  Why are they better than me? Because they’re cheating, of course! REPORTED.

The reactions from the ‘griefees’ in this video are few and far between, but when they do happen, you can really sense their frustration.


“No one is THIS good; he’s just some random scrub!”

How to annoy people in Black Ops
Kevin is a very well known troller/griefer in the gaming world and he is very good at it. He pretends to be a very calm, clueless noob with social problems as his gimmick and boy does it ever produce some hilarious results. Here is one of my favorites:

Note: It’s kinda hard to hear Kevin’s voice in this particular video, so you might want to put the volume up; however, pay attention to the warning for the screaming kid.

“I just want attention and you’re not giving it to me!”

“I’m just introducing myself. My name is Kevin, what’s yours?”
“F**k you, you fat little C*nt!”
“That’s a very bad name, your parents did not make a good choice.”

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