This Week in Movie Trailers!

Machine Gun Preacher

UGH another ‘white man patting himself on the back by saving and protecting black people’ movie. That’s rather annoying and Hollywood REALLY needs to stop this trend. But it DOES look good and I’ll probably watch this. I’m conflicted, though.

Also, it’s always funny to see Gerald Butler struggle to do an American accent.

Underworld Awakening

Ughhh … another unnecessary sequel that looks exactly the same. PASS.


Two of out FAVORITE people, Nick Cage and Nicole Kidman, FINALLY together. No thanks.


This film definitely has an intriguing feel to it and it looks good (though it’s quite possible that it will be horrible)! It’s nice to see Roland Emmerich direct something other than an epic/disaster movie. Going to see this one.


This movie looks kinda silly; though I must say, I did have a good time watching 300, so maybe I’ll check this out.


Oh hey, Chris Evans! Nice to see you without the red, white, and blue on! After watching this trailer, I’m not entirely sure what it is about, but it still looks like a good thriller!

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