The American Reunion Poster is Weird

Sooo if you haven’t already found out, they are making another American Pie film: American Reunion. Yay Hollywood! You sure know what we want: more Pie! I will say that I enjoyed the first one; it was released when I was graduating from High School, so I could relate pretty well to the film. It was also original, funny, and all-around great.  Then, two more underwhelming and unnecessary sequels were made. Now this! They are back (and I mean all back; everyone from the original has returned) and ready for more wacky antics and sexy stuff! WHAT TROUBLE WILL THEY GET INTO NOW?

Annnnyway this poster. What? I mean OK I get the 2012 in big red font, a staple of fantastic* comedy film posters.  But why another ‘used’ pie? Is he STILL putting his donk into warm pastry? Oh Jason Biggs, you adorable man-child perve.  Ugh … forget the ‘adorable’ part; now all I can picture is Mr. Biggs ‘unloading’ into apple pies, which really sucks because my grand  father always has one to give me every time I visit him (APPLE PIES, guys, not the other gross thing). That’s also a really big hole he made there! Getting rough in old age? Tearing it up?! OK I can get that, I suppose. But what does it mean by “Save the best piece for last”. Best piece of what? Pie? Tara Reid pie? Does she get better with age?

Regardless, I really hope they let Chris Klein shine. Spread those wings, man!

* Terrible

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