7 Awesome Scenes in 7 not so Awesome Movies – Part I

We all know there are a lot of mediocre films out there; TOO many if you ask me. But sometimes within that cesspool lays an awesome, unique scene. It doesn’t redeem the movie by all means, but it’s so satisfying, that it makes the viewing experience tolerable for that moment. Some argue that, because of how out of place it is, it makes that scene more memorable than it should be. Or not! You be the judge!

So, I present to you seven awesome scenes in seven not so awesome movies … PART I!*

The One – Jet Li fighting in bullet time

This film was very underwhelming and very campy, but boy did it have some cool effects. One scene in particular that has stuck with me over the years was one of my favorite fight scenes of all time. It was very short but very sweet.

I think I re-watched 1:34-1:38 a thousand times as a teenager.

The Matrix Reloaded – Highway chase scene / Neo Chateau fight scene

Many people despise the last two installments of the Matrix trilogy, their nerd-hearts broken. I admit that they weren’t great, but they DID have enough mind boggling action sequences for the sequels to at least be considered mediocre action flicks. One such moment was the highway chase scene–and the concurrent Neo brawl at the chateau–in the The Matrix Reloaded. This was the most entertaining, absurd car chase I have ever watched on film, and it still holds up today.

Highway Chase Scene:

BONUS: The Neo chateau brawl was also very excellent:

Angels & Demons – Black matter explosion

Although many critics call Angels and Demons an improvement over its predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, it still wasn’t a great film. This was mainly due to the odd pacing and stiff acting by some of the main characters. However, there was a particular scene that is considered by many as one of the most spectacular and unique explosions in the history of cinema. The brilliant and moving music score only added to the spectacle. BEHOLD:

Superman Returns – Airplane save

Oh god, this movie; it had me more conflicted than any of the others in this list. As much as I tried to like Superman Returns, I just couldn’t do it. Not to crap on Brandon Routh (he did the best he could do with what he was given), but to me, it was basically a romance film with the Man of Steel occasionally fighting … nature? Regardless, it did have one very awesome scene that I have gone back to on many occasions: Superman attempting to stop a plummeting airplane with Lois Lane on board.

Note: Please don’t screw it up this time around, Mr. Snyder.

Wanted – Keyboard smash!

This was a mediocre and overrated action flick, but this scene was perfect.

The Time Machine – Time travel

I have to admit that I enjoyed this movie. I haven’t watched it in years, so maybe I don’t anymore? Regardless, I do realize that it was a mediocre film and there was nothing particularly outstanding about it except the time travel scenes:

Spider-Man 3 – So Good

This movie was the worst and if you think otherwise then you’re an idiot and should go to how-not-to-be-an-idiot school. HOWEVER, it did spawn this fantastic scene:

Well, there you have it! Got a scene you want me to include in part 2? Leave a comment! Until then, stay classy!

*Yes, I know that you might consider some of these movies good or some of these scenes not awesome at all. That’s fine! We all have our personal tastes! So long as you don’t like anything Katherine Heigl is in, ALL IS FAIR!

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