So, HBO Has Made a Documentry on ‘Real’ Superheros! OKAY!

Everyone wants to be a superhero, but we all know how unrealistic and silly that would be in the real world. Sure, maybe if super powers really existed it would be neat, but they don’t exist. I’m also not sure I get whether this series is a spoof, a satire, or is actually serious. All of these people look ridiculous and they don’t do anything ‘heroic’ in this trailer; all they show is them strutting around in costume, a little bit of parkour, and talking about being a ‘real’ superhero or whatever. I’m confused!

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be doing it! Good for them! It’s great that they have something that they can be so passionate about! That’s great! We should all be passionate about something that makes us happy!* But that doesn’t mean that they don’t look incredibly stupid, which they do. Anyway, I NEED to watch this because I want to be proven wrong about my perceptions of ‘real superheros’. I want URBAN JUSTICE!

* I am only assuming that marching around for justice is making them happy and it’s not really just a facade or a quest of vengeance against those who killed their parents or maybe stole their pokemans. I don’t know! But I’d like to think it is making them happy! Call me an optimist!

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