This is What it is Like to be a Cat

We all know that most house cats have pretty sweet, but ultimately meaningless, lives: Sleep, eat, poop, annoy, wreck shit, eat, sleep, poop, sleep, annoy, wreck some more shit, and then maybe some more poopin’, and perhaps give a little bit of affection here and there (when WE DON’T WANT IT). A lot of people think their cats are like people and are WAY smart. While this may be true in comparison to many other animals, when it comes down to it, they are stupid (I’ll include dogs in this statement too). Don’t be mad! It’s OK that they are stupid! Ignorance comes with that trait and it allows cats to live a life without worry. God knows we all have to deal with awful stuff all the time: money, job security, family, relationships, our health, meaningless war, and global disasters to name a few. It’s never ending! Cats, like this song says, don’t even know that they are going to die. All they know is that today is going to be an awesome day and that they look forward to every new one! I wish I could be more like a cat! So let’s all strive to be a little more like them. HAKUNA MATATA!

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