Breaking Bad in Trouble? Ha, ha! No! And More Seasons Beyond the Fifth?

Apparently, there are “troubling” talks between the producers and AMC network execs concerning the future of ‘Breaking Bad’. Last week, Sony was actually shopping the show around to three other cable networks because AMC wanted to shorten the season by HALF (6 EPISODES? WHAT THE HELL?) for season five because of ‘financial reasons’. The producers (thankfully!) said no, which is why they have been seeking other options.

The good news is that this is VERY unlikely to unfold badly. I highly doubt they would let go of a pristine show like ‘Breaking Bad’; it is often rightfully described by many, many people as the best Drama on television. Expect a deal between the show and the network in the coming months.

Also, Vince Gilligan, the creator, indicated he would like the 5th season to be the last; however, AMC wants it to go beyond that if possible. As much as I love Breaking Bad, a show like this needs a definitive end. The adventures of Walter and Jesse can only go on for so long before it seems like it’s being dragged out–season 4 already seems like it heading in that direction with oddly paced episodes.

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