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Snooki And Jeff Bridges Communicating Is The Oddest Thing I Have Watched This Week

I know, I know, that IS a bold statement, but man: Jeff Bridges. Snooki. Talking. Ahhh! So weird! Anyway, watch Snooki explain what “DTF” (ughhh) means to Mr. Bridges, if you want. As a mandatory warning, you are about to … Continue reading

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OMG! I Can’t BELIEVE I Missed This Incredible News About HILARY DUFF!

HILARY DUFF = PREGNANT. Whew! That was a close one; I only missed it by 17 days! I’m so sorry for not reporting this the day it actually happened! I promise when the next soon-to-be washed up child star gets … Continue reading

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Now THIS Is How You Play An Air Guitar

Now you can put your douchey air guitar (bass) skills to good use!

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Super Mario Using A Portal Gun

Super Mario Bros, but with a Portal gun? Cool? This is an actual game someone is making for some reason. It is very neat, though, and much better than a video about a super-nerd complaining about girls who aren’t attracted … Continue reading

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Grief This! #4

Time for some Team Fortress 2 griefing! Trivia Griefing This probably is one of my favorite griefing videos because of how innovative it is.  My favorite part starts at 6:00. Highlights “No, no, no n-no gay sex sprays!” “You cannot … Continue reading

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BBC One Orders 3rd Season of ‘Luther’!!!

Holy crap this is amazing news. If you have not watched Luther yet, do it now. I will be writing a recommendation article down the road, but in the mean time, do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix!

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Enter Nerd Being Very Offended That Someone Would DARE Judge A 33-Year Old Who Plays Magic Competitively

So, someone sent me the following video with the description “response to nerd being dumped over magic the gathering” and I was like HAHAHA, this will be good. What I saw, though, was not what I expected: It was super … Continue reading

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